Becoming a Full-Stack Developer from Scratch

Anu Sakpibal
2 min readDec 10, 2023


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Let’s Build Websites Together: Your Full-Stack Journey Starts Here!

Hey, Future Developer!

Welcome to “Becoming a Full-Stack Developer from Scratch,” where each section is a new adventure in the vast world of web development. Excited to know what incredible tech skills you’ll be mastering? Let’s unveil the magic that awaits you!

🚀 Section 1: Laying the Groundwork (Days 1–9)

In these early days, get ready to conquer the essentials! We’ll be crafting the foundation of web development with:

  • HTML & CSS: The artists’ palette for building beautiful web pages.
  • JavaScript: The language that brings our websites to life.
  • Async Magic & Promises: Mastering the art of asynchronous programming.

Hold tight; we’re just getting started!

🌐 Section 2: Backend Brilliance (Days 10–20)

Time to flip the coin and explore the backend wonders! Get ready to code like a backend superhero with:

  • Node.js & Express: Your trusty companions for server-side magic.
  • MySQL: Navigating the relational database universe.
  • RESTful APIs & Authentication: Building secure pathways for data exchange.

Feeling the power surge already?

🎨 Section 3: Creative Design Pitstop (Day 33)

Pause and put on your designer’s hat! We’re exploring the visual realm with:

  • Figma: Transforming your ideas into stunning UI/UX designs.

Ready to make your projects not only functional but also visually stunning?

🔥 Section 4: Advanced Adventures (Days 21–32)

Time to level up! Gear up for advanced explorations with:

  • React Router & Redux: Navigating and managing state like a pro.
  • HTTP Handling & Deployment: Taking your creations to the cloud.
  • Optimization & Testing: Fine-tuning your code for peak performance.

You’re on fire! 🔥

🚀 Section 5: Special Skills Bootcamp (Days 34–39)

Sharpen your skills and add more tools to your belt with:

  • TDD & Git Mastery: Ensuring code reliability and collaboration.
  • Networking & Security Fundamentals: Understanding the basics of web security.

Ready to become the ultimate web wizard?

🌟 Grand Finale (Day 40)

Congratulations on making it this far! Reflect on your journey, celebrate your victories, and dream big about what’s next in your coding adventure.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Let’s start coding magic! 💻✨



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